Hand made country preserves

Home Made Chutneys

Our preserves are homemade and hand cut using traditional preserving methods.

We are a small family business passionate about all things pickled and preserved.

We only use good quality ingredients locally sourced wherever possible, we only use natural preserving methods as there is no need to add chemicals, e numbers and fillers to make a jam or chutney, also we believe that whatever you are buying should contain what it says on the jar for eg, strawberry jam should contain strawberries and plenty of them! NOT synthethic strawberry syrup, flavourings and e numbers.

A spoonful of our jam or chutney is much better than having to use lots of processed preserves because it will be more satisfying and bursting with flavour.

We hope you enjoy eating our preserves and much as I enjoy making them.

Please feel free to browse our website, and should you feel you need more information or assistance, call us on 07734298737 or email us at info@misscorrinnescountrykitchen.co.uk.